The Architecture Symposium: Readymade

The Architecture Symposium: Readymade

August 2024

Retrofit, re-use and replicable strategies for housing. Curated by Jennie Officer and Nigel Bertram.

“How might we reconsider existing Australian housing typologies, shifting them away from redundancy and towards retention and renewal? How might we re-evaluate the broader syntax of multiresidential projects – the spatial, social, ecological and financial conditions from which they spring and to which they can contribute? And how might we as designers work together with other disciplines – to reach beyond the bespoke, to open-source our methods and to mainstream our practices? Readymade will examine research projects, built projects and atypical methods and scales of practicing that consider the potential of working intelligently with what we already have.”

Rachel Nolan

Rachel Nolan, alongside 9 other speakers will be presenting projects, research and methods to explore ways to reconsider retention and renewal of Australian housing typologies.